Software Engineering

Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics

Big Data

Data Warehousing

Requirements Gathering

Collecting Data from Unstructured Sources - TJG Web Services provides big data and data analytics services in text mining, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and machine learning. Let consultants with TJG Web Services handle data mining and machine learning needs to obtain knowledge from unstructured data sources.

Data Processing

Combining Structured and Unstructured Data - TJG Web Services conducts quantitative and qualitative analysis in information technology research. Consultants with TJG Web Services can provide in depth analysis of raw data and provide data visualizations and reports.

Data Analysis

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis - TJG Web Services analyzes structured data such as financial, economical, or health data and unstructured data such as social media streams, documents, and news feeds to provide data visualizations and reports.

Systems Integration

Autonomous Networks - TJG Web Services implements software designed networking to integrate systems among devices, workstations, and servers to provide state of the art communication for your workforce.

Natural Language Processing

Text Mining - TJG Web Services provides text mining and machine learning to analyze unstructured data sets and supports analysis of audio and video information for interactive applications.

Data Driven Development

Software Automation - TJG Web Services researches the latest strategies in software development to deliver automated systems that process real time streaming data sources.

Requirements Tracing

Decision Support - TJG Web Services consultants communicate requirements with stakeholders to ensure software meets the needs of all participants and benefits the community.

Capabilities Measurement

Software Engineering - TJG Web Services develops software systems that are custom and flexible to service future generations and can integrate with new technologies.

Resource Planning

Platform Optimization - TJG Web Services provides performance benchmarking for software and hardware systems to determine the optimal strategies for developing architectures.